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When thoughts become things.

This is the South Story.

I thought it would only be fitting for my first blog entry to be all about how South was born.

Or in other words when thoughts become things.

It was another sticky hot Saturday evening in the balmy tropical summer of 2016 when my husband and i sat outside trying to catch a bit of breeze under the breadfruit tree in our back yard. We had just come from a busy day at work, i had been pressing t-shirts in the sweltering heat next to a 170 degree celcius i might add, heat press. We were hot and we were tired but we were also spewing with ideas.

We had just decided to finally commit to our own range of clothing to be sold in our Retail and Garment printing store Fave Designs.

After spending the last five years struggling to find clothes for our teenage son on our small island home Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and where at the time, things available where either too young and small or too big, too expensive and just not the right style for a teen, we knew this was a market we should get into.

Every time a customer came in and asked us if we had any printed t-shirts i would give myself an imaginary head slap at the reminder that we needed to move and get this going.

We decided that day that we would actually do it. We would create a range of clothing for Island living, something cool and stylish with a bit of our Pacific edge. We wanted our range to be the first choice when dressing up and we wanted to provide a different type of tourist tee for our overseas visitors and most importantly we wanted to share our unique contemporary Pacific style with the rest of the world.

But....what would we call it??

We needed somethi ng that suited our brand and our style. Something clean, something that could describe in one word our Pacific heritage, something versatile and memorable.


We slept on it.

When we woke up South was still on our mind, we went for a drive around the island to get coffee (our Sunday morning ritual) the whole time trying to talk ourselves out of this name, or adding another word...south something?

but nothing worked....

it was South. South was it.

South INTL is our brand, our fourth child. The South logo is a triangle pointing downwards similar to a compass pointing South. Our triangle is drawn in one line, just like the carvings of our Pacific forefathers. The triangle is so common in the depiction of Pacific art, Pacific craft and Pacific motifs and tattoos. The triangle characteristics are present in many Pacific designs symbolizing unity, gender, strength and valour.

Every South item has been designed in the Pacific with the Pacific story in mind. Every item has been crafted to showcase our heritage, from the colours, to the intricate design detail and the quality. South is Contemporary Pacific Fashion.

We are so proud to share a part of us through designs and we thank you for supporting us and joining us on our Journey and welcome to my blog! boom!

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